Contributors Call Out

UMi is proud to celebrate the inspiring work of entrepreneurs from all over the country. We are committed to taking the hard work out of finding and using the best information, expertise and finance. 

Here at UMi, we are always expanding our bank of fantastic content through the power of our amazing network, and we’d love you to be part of that. Our goal is to inform and inspire entrepreneurs and business owners, so get in touch if you could contribute the following content, and together, we can go further… 

We’re looking for: 

  • Good news: If you have an inspiring story about business success, we want to hear it. 
  • Expert advice: What are you great at? Let us know, we want to shout about it. 
  • Webinar participants: Share your knowledge and experiences with the UMi network. 
  • Podcast collaborators: We’re looking for experts to share their journeys with us. Get in touch if you want to feature on an UMi podcast series. 


Which sectors do you want to hear from?

We cover all sectors where the contribution is positive and benefits our business audience. 

What news topics do you cover?

We love to hear inspiring stories of business success including funding and investments, significant growth in your sales and recruitment, beneficial collaborations and partnerships of public interest, innovative product and service launches. Please also share programmes, initiatives and events that will benefit our network.

Do you accept feature contributions?

We welcome expert feature contributions from our network on sales and marketing, HR, finance, innovation, legislation, business resilience and international trade.

Our tone is positive, encouraging, empathetic and empowering, so we acknowledge that there are challenges/pitfalls, but we don’t dwell on them or do dire warnings. We instead focus on explaining how to get the best results and encourage a ‘can-do’ attitude, rather than what not to do.  

We understand that this can be a challenge with some topics where threat is central to the theme such as cybersecurity – but it’s possible! We suggest in this instance to ensure that threats are outlined briefly in a neutral tone avoiding hyperbole and catastrophic language, then most of the content should focus on practical steps that can be put in place to keep the business safe. 

If you would like to join our network of regular contributors please get in touch. 

Are there any news topics or types of article that you don’t cover?

We aim to inspire and celebrate entrepreneurship, so we avoid any stories about businesses doing badly or anything that is having a negative effect on UK businesses.

For example: 

  • Negative forecasts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Companies going into administration or liquidation
  • Job losses
  • Funding cuts
  • Crime or corruption
  • Legal disputes

Although we love to hear about markers of your success such as award nominations and wins, charity fundraising, recruitment and promotions, office moves and additions and new store openings, we receive a high volume of these and so we do not usually cover them as stories.

Who is your audience?

UMi is committed to taking the hard work out of finding and using the best information, expertise and finance for our network. We have over 17,000 Daily Bulletin subscribers and thousands more entrepreneurs and business professionals visit our website. We particularly appeal to startup and scale-up entrepreneurs who are within the first five to ten years of their business journey. 

How long should my article be?

All articles should be over 500 words and Q&As should be over 750 words.

What happens to my story or article after I submit it?

Our team will review your article and if it is a good fit for our network’s interests then we will publish it to our website. Please keep a check to see if yours is published. We receive hundreds of articles each day, so our team will not reply individually to each contribution. If we do not publish an article you sent that you believe is a good fit, then please feel free to send it again for consideration.

Will you include a link to my website?

We will include a link to the contributor’s website where it helps guide our readers to further useful information.

Do you offer commercial packages for guaranteed placement?

We do not currently offer paid guaranteed placement for any news stories or articles unless they are included in one of our commercial partnerships.

To which email address should I send contributions?

Please send your press releases, feature, webinar and podcast pitches to