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Jonathan Amponsah, founder and CEO of The Tax Guys

How can startups and small businesses keep good records and pay less in accountancy fees?

In busy startups and small businesses, you're often wearing many hats as a founder - and finance is usually just one of them. We asked Jonathan Amponsah, founder and CEO of The Tax Guys to share his top tips for managing bookkeeping to keep your accountant and your bank manager happy.



Facebook Advertising that works image of facebook desktop

Facebook Advertising That Works - Lunch and Learn Webinar

This live replay of our Lunch and Learn webinar series, find out all you need to know about how to actually use Facebook advertising. Hear directly from Pascal and Natalie of Ococo Media on the best way to utilise it for your business.

Cloud technology webinar

How to use cloud technology to take back control of your finances with Paul Lodder from Sagars Accountants Ltd

We are joined by our guest Paul Lodder, Partner at Sagars Accountants Ltd with our host Pascal Fintoni and co-host Kanta Mall. In this webinar, Paul shares knowledge on how using digital technology can help business owners achieve their financial and life goals.

judith parsons image for linkedin post

How to Unlock your LinkedIn Potential with Judith Parsons

In this recording, Pascal Fintoni speaks to Judith Parsons, The LinkedIn Lady about how business owners and SMEs can unlock LinkedIn’s potential.

video marketing webinar

How to get started with Video Marketing with Clockwork Eye Video

Welcome to our replay webinar Q&A, where we talked about getting over the fear of getting in front of the camera to film your business stories. Making videos is daunting to the average person, but it’s not that scary when you know how and are armed with the right tools.

Social Impact

Why Should the Social Impact of Business be Important to Entrepreneurs?

Some of the entrepreneurs who were recognised in the UK’s first Social Entrepreneur Index (sponsored by UBS) share their advice to encourage more entrepreneurs to consider the social impact of their business.

Umi webinar thumbnail

How to get your SEO and online reputation ready for 2020

This live replay of our Lunch and Learn webinar series, find out what you need to prepare your SEO and online reputation for 2020. Hear directly from Pascal and Digital Allies on their tips. 1. go for a 'lunch and learn' approach with the interview playing in the background whilst you get on with other tasks and enjoy your lunch break (almost like your favourite radio show!)   ...

Webinar Lunch and Learn UMi screenshot

The Ultimate Digital Content Toolkit - Lunch and Learn Webinar

This live replay of our Lunch and Learn webinar series, find out what web extensions and apps take the hard work out of marketing your business. Hear directly from our Content & Marketing team the tools that they use on a daily basis.

Seema Mennon of Toastmasters International presenting

How to pitch your idea successfully

Every business owner needs to hone their pitching skills if they are to attract and win new business. So how do you craft a successful pitch? Seema Mennon of Toastmasters International walks us through it. 


UMi Webinar Lunch and Learn

How to raise debt finance to help your business go further - Lunch and Learn

Our lunch and learn webinar series has kicked off! Take a look at what happened in Friday's webinar focusing on how to gain debt finance.

This episode features Tom Brock from UMi Debt Finance Scotland & Pascal Fintoni UMi's Content and Marketing Director.