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UMi Virtual Advice - Scale Up Partner

We are looking for a virtual advice scale up partner to be able to integrate seamlessly with our technology infrastructure. We are looking for a partner with a clear commitment to maintaining the required knowledge and expertise; as well as a truly agile and partnership based approach.

We have a well-respected reputation for providing unscripted advice and help to business across the UK via virtual channels. At times there is a requirement to scale those services rapidly to meet local and national demands as a result of campaigns or economic shocks such as major business closures, floods etc.

The core service has the capacity to handle around 50,000 enquiries via telephone, email, web, video and social channels per year. We are looking for a partner who is a well-established outsourcing organisation who operate in a manner that can mobilise resources to handle circa three-fold increases in enquiries. Due to the nature of the requirement it is highly likely that at times there may be no notice to the service being triggered.

Download the full tender specification for more information and how to apply.

Closing date: 5 November