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If you are part of the UMi community, we take the hard work out of finding and using the best information, expertise and finance to help your business go further.

Our approach is to work directly with private and public partners – together we bring you the very best products and services to help your business be great.

Come and explore how we are helping businesses just like you.

The advice was very practical and was geared towards small businesses. This meant nothing recommended was expensive and, in most cases, free to access. There have also been lots of opportunities for follow up, future networking and support.

Jon Chadwick

The whole team at Tees Valley Business Compass have been incredibly helpful and supportive throughout the whole process from our Growth Consultant right through to post acceptance and claim submission.

Olly Bennet

May I take the opportunity to thank you for your advice and guidance during the project. Your assistance has been invaluable!’

Michael Jonas

Everyone was really pleased with the event and on several times I overheard the buyers saying that it was the busiest and best event again this year. I also spoke to several SME’s who found the day very useful!

Leighton James

All of the advisers were fantastic and so generous with their advice - it was nice to deal with people so pleasant and who made no question feel like a stupid one!

Angela Searle

Having the door to the Growth Hub opened to LBV can only be listed as a positive. It is allowing us to broaden our outreach and get exposed to customers who have saved energy (and money!) from our technology. Ones that we have only gained access to via the Hub.

Sean Costello, LED By Vision

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