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UBS Social Entrepreneur Index

Entrepreneurs celebrating the UK Social Entrepreneur Index launch
UK Social Entrepreneurs celebrating the index launch
The UK Social Entrepreneur Index recognises and celebrates our country's hardworking, passionate and purpose-driven social entrepreneurs and their businesses. Entrants act as beacons of inspiration for others to embrace positive social impact whatever their field and scale, to tackle social and environmental issues in the UK and around the world.

A collaborative campaign, the Index's team of corporate partners, supporters and ambassadors deliver inspiring content that gives nominees the opportunity to raise their profile, host a series of events to strengthen networks and of course, assess, compile and celebrate the Index

The inaugural Index, sponsored by UBS and supported by Social Enterprise Mark, was a great success and launched in April 2019. 

"We have been incredibly impressed with the significant logistical organisation that sits behind the Index. The event execution and content produced by the team exceeded expectations and generated great brand awareness. The quality of the applications has been of the highest level and we have no doubt that the index will go from strength to strength".

Jonathan Brown, managing director, UBS Wealth Management


"Supporting the UK Social Entrepreneur Index is important to us as it signals our commitment to supporting social entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. The partnership has enhanced our brand recognition by enabling us to share useful content via the campaign. The events gave us direct access to a wide range of social entrepreneurs at every level, allowing us to introduce our accreditation packages and build relationships. We've also forged a new strategic partnership via connections made through the Index's supporter and ambassador network."

Lucy Findlay MBE, managing director, Social Enterprise Mark CIC