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Jason Downes standing outside

Managing sparse teams during the holiday season

The Christmas period is a double-edge sword for companies. How do you meet project deadlines, asks Jason Downes, and keep the business ticking over whilst your team get into the festive spirit?

Business Owner standing in a design studio

More than a quarter of people in the UK have ambitions to start a business

According to the latest figures, 589,000 new companies were established in the UK last year. It represents a 22% increase from 2012 when 484,000 businesses were formed. In total, over the past five years, the country has witnessed the creation of almost 3.5 million startups.  

 Lucy Buck founder of Child's i Foundation

Pioneering a child protection system in Uganda

Lucy Buck founded Child’s i Foundation in 2008 after volunteering in a baby orphanage left her heartbroken, seeing some children not survive. She has recently achieved her goal to leave the organisation in safe hands and Christopher Muwanguzi has taken over as CEO. Today we take a look back at this inspiring and moving interview she gave in February 2019 as an ambassador of the UK Social Entrepreneur Index. One to read with a cuppa.


brain diagram with black and white left hemisphere and multicoloured right hemisphere

How to think like a dragon

Digging around for gems in our BQ Live vault today, this piece from all the way back in 2012 jumped out. The advice on what investors want from you is still pure gold.

Illustration of multicoloured trees

When do you Take Time Out to Evaluate your Business Potential?

Today we take a look back at an interview from BQ Live, dug out of the vault from all the way back in 2013. Even now, this advice really motivational and practical discussing how to move forward with your business and offers outlines on when and what to evaluate when moving forward with growth for your company.

Emerging Entrepreneur event poster

Emerging Entrepreneur of The Year 2017

Today we take a look back at our Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year event in 2017, with fond memories. The campaign brought together established entrepreneurs from across the UK with the challenge of identifying individuals who in their view are representative of a next generation entrepreneur.

Microphone from Podcast

BQ in-depth podcasts

We take a look back at the podcast pilot created in 2016, which contain pearls of wisdom from industry leaders such as Joe and Lucy Frankel from Vegware, Sir Chris Hoy and Nigel McMinn from Lookers.

If you'd rather listen to some of the best BQ interviews than read them, here's the place to do so.




Susanne Mitschke, co-founder of dementia support app Mindmate

Brain Power

BQ meets Susanne Mitschke, co-founder of dementia support app Mindmate and one of the graduates of New York’s Techstars programme.

As the UK's biggest killer and currently with no cure, Dementia prevention and care continues to be an important focus in the UK and around the world. 




Warren Bader, founder of Plan Bee

We're in the honey

Plan Bee not only manages hives for the likes of Aldi, Kellogg’s and L’Oreal but also produces a range of products including honey and mead, and educates the public about the importance of pollinators. Founder Warren Bader tells Peter Ranscombe how he balances people, planet and profit.