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Developing a leader-as-coach culture

In this webinar, we were joined by training and coaching expert, Matt Somers, to discuss the benefits of a 'leader-as-coach' culture and how you can implement it within your business.

Understanding the CBIL scheme

Businesses across the UK can now access financial support through the Coronavirus Business Interruption Scheme (CBILS). To find out more about the scheme and who it can help, take a look at our webinar with Shaun Fooy, Senior Manager for the British Business Banks, UK Network for North East England.

Ian Mastaglio

Managing remote working

Remote working can present a lot of challenges, both for employers and remote workers themselves. We sat down with Ian Mastaglio, senior advisor at Acas, to hear his advice on managing remote workers.

Finding Your Brand’s Celebrity Alter Ego

Finding your brand’s celebrity alter ego

Defining your core brand traits is a fundamental part of understanding what you’re all about and is, ultimately, the driving force behind defining a clear, refined brand voice that connects with your target demographic. Defining these unique traits is far easier said than done, though - that’s where this article comes in handy.

How to lead in times of unexpected change

How to lead in times of unexpected change

In this webinar, we talk Laura Weaving and Sarah Callender from Duo Global Consulting about leading in times of unexpected change.

Marketing for results

Marketing for results

Want to get the most out of your marketing strategy? In this webinar we team up with Red Button Marketing to discuss the importance of marketing and how to plan, implement and track a marketing strategy that will get results.

Andrew Foyle of Miappi

How to Evidence Brand Purpose

These days many brands are adopting, or at least talking about, the idea of ‘purpose’ as a way of connecting with consumers and increase brand equity. It’s no longer enough to just sell soap, chocolate, trainers or fizzy drinks, today’s brands need to have some deeper and more meaningful reason for their existence. And why not? If you can show your brand has a greater purpose you should do just that.

Dog and Baby on a field

Juggling business and a baby

Hear from Charlotte Nichols of Harvey and Hugo, our next webinar guest, on the importance of balancing. With a new baby, there's a lot to juggle, find out how she manages keeping on top of her business and being a new mum.

Nigel Cliffe and Pascal Fintoni LinkedIn Business Webinar

Table Talk – How to use LinkedIn to grow your business and personal brand with Nigel Cliffe from Value Exchange Ltd

Nigel will give us some telling insights into how to use LinkedIn to help you grow your business and your personal brand.

Female worker struggling with stress in the workplace

How’s Your Workforce Feeling?

How do I deal with stress in the workplace? This breakdown from Dr Yvonne Davies of YogaWarrior gives you the advice you need to find out how your workforce is feeling and help them to stay healthy with minimal stress