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Acting as a catalyst for improved business productivity and growth, we create and deliver powerful digital adoption and transformation programmes that take the hard work out of choosing and using digital technology and equipment.

We empower business leaders to embrace digital through a blend of workshops, masterclasses, webinars and events, digital health checks, one-to-one advice and mentoring, grants and targeted funding.

Since 2014 we’ve managed programmes delivering over 23,000 hours and £1.8m grant funding to more than 4,500 businesses, helping them improve and develop expertise in web design, digital marketing, cloud computing, productivity tools, cyber security and CRM/ERP systems.


Underpinned by peer-to-peer collaboration and expert support, we use detailed insights into a business’ current level of digital maturity to improve what they do and get them to the next level of digital adoption helping them to improve operations, innovation and enhanced customer experience.

To help businesses do more and go further through digital technology, our Digital Advisers provide personalised coaching and mentoring support. Through meetings, phone calls, mentoring events, and digital support, they explore business processes to pinpoint where the impact of digital engagement will be greatest. Once agreed they support the business to develop an action plan to work towards their goals.

In addition, they match businesses with expert Digital Champions to receive mentoring support, and suppliers to provide relevant digital solutions.

Beginning with an online self-assessment, our digital health check tool creates a bespoke report of recommendations for business owners and leaders, highlighting the appropriate next steps they should take in their digital journey.

The tool allows the business to select from a range of topics that are important to them, including business processes, cyber security, data protection, website presence, social media engagement and more. The results are then assessed by a digital adviser to provide personalised suggestions and tips on how digital transformation could take the business to the next level.

Workshops and masterclasses are delivered to suit the programme’s participants. Content is developed and then updated regularly based on changes in the digital landscape and best practice.

Masterclass topics include social media marketing, digital customer service and video marketing and technical subjects like Industry 4.0 and digital transformation for manufacturers, Google Analytics, SEO, website conversion and more.

Businesses input into which topics should be included, and additional classes are added to suit demand. Recent examples include ‘online reputation management’ or ‘selling online through Amazon, Ebay and Etsy’. A blend of physical and virtual delivery is deployed to ensure equality of access for all businesses eligible to take part in the programme.

Our conferences and events engage with stakeholders on topics to suit participants. Content is developed around a theme for each event, typically over one day with 100-200 delegates. Featuring a full seminar programme of hour-long sessions on a range of topics, events run alongside exhibitions to provide a platform for trainers and local digital suppliers to improve the efficiency and productivity of businesses to help them grow.

We deliver grant and loan funding programmes and voucher schemes targeted at digital transformation to
help individuals do more with digital technology. Funding can be used to pay for things like digital consultancy, digital equipment, website/software/ app development or broadband infrastructure. Successful projects include
developing ecommerce sites for retail businesses, supporting engineering and manufacturing businesses to purchase Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems or funding the development of bespoke software for after-sales processes.

Helping to galvanise improvements and celebrate the success of businesses. Our campaigns and indexes offer a unique opportunity to showcase and celebrate businesses and sectors through campaigns. We combine multimedia content creation, thought events such as roundtables, podcasts and workshops, with direct marketing activity to raise awareness and instigate change. Each campaign culminates in a digital report and launch event featuring insight-led advice from industry experts and case studies on key themes and sectors. 



Innovative & bespoke programme design

we can implement the whole programme life cycle, from design to delivery covering all processes in-between

Due diligence

in depth knowledge of public funding rules, state aid and subsidy control applied appropriately and proportionately including know your customer and anti-money laundering checks

Streamlined process

our tried and tested modular setup allows for seamless customer journeys

B Corporation Certification

we meet rigorous and externally verified social and environmental standards, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profits with purpose

Robust governance & compliance

operating in line with FCA, ISO 9001:2015, and Cyber Essentials Plus with tried and tested processes

Industry leading deployment

the ability to deploy funds within days of conception and via world class technology solutions, delivered with agility and entrepreneurial flair

Multi-channel customer support

delivered by a highly efficient, empathetic and supportive team via the applicant’s channel of choice

Meaningful & Impactful Interactions

our programmes focus on practical, actionable advice and support with the tools to back it up

Transparent reporting & management

interactive dashboards and a dedicated account manager gives you full visibility of a fund’s performance

Marketing & Business Engagement

we can build awareness and drive adoption of eligible businesses

I found every single part of the programme useful: the healthcheck, the 1 to 1, the course I attended... Thank you everyone for your help and support!


The funding towards new digital technology was very straightforward and has made a real impact within our business, enabling us to upscale.


All of the advisers were fantastic and so generous with their advice – it was nice to deal with people so pleasant and who made no question feel like a stupid one!


The whole process has enabled us to focus on priorities, access further and ongoing support and have the confidence to do so.



If you have any queries, or need help and advice, please contact:

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Chief Technology and Investment Officer
[email protected]
07769 29 5161