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Seema Mennon of Toastmasters International presenting

How to pitch your idea successfully

Every business owner needs to hone their pitching skills if they are to attract and win new business. So how do you craft a successful pitch? Seema Mennon of Toastmasters International walks us through it. 


UMi Webinar Lunch and Learn

How to raise debt finance to help your business go further - Lunch and Learn

Our lunch and learn webinar series has kicked off! Take a look at what happened in Friday's webinar focusing on how to gain debt finance.

This episode features Tom Brock from UMi Debt Finance Scotland & Pascal Fintoni UMi's Content and Marketing Director.


Stephen O'Brien, CEO of Pure Technology Group

How do I Successfully Grow A Business From A Standing Start?

Stephen O’Brien, CEO of Leeds-based IT solutions and services provider Pure Technology Group, shares his top tips on how to successfully grow a business from a standing start.

How Do I Benefit From Going Digital?

Companies and organisations throughout the UK and Europe are currently undergoing a series of evolutions in how they handle, process, secure, and produce digital data and information. Phil Abbott, digitisation specialist at Wakefield-based Microform Imaging Ltd, gives us the lowdown! 

David Vermeulen, CEO and Founder of The Inner Circle

How Do I Expand My Business Internationally

Expanding your business internationally is a monumental task but, if done right, it can be a significant driver of growth.
David Vermeulen, CEO and founder of The Inner Circle, a dating app that offers a finer dating experience, shares his tips on how to expand a business internationally and at speed.

Business Expert - Craig Blackmore

Expert Advice on Planning Mergers and Acquisitions

A thoroughly researched and well-executed strategy could be the difference between failure and success when it comes to company mergers and acquisitions, a business expert has revealed.

BQ & Hypestar SEO Untapped Goldmine Interview

SEO The Untapped Goldmine

SEO can be an indispensable tool in helping potential customers on the internet find your business. In this next instalment of our on-going BQ Expert Series, Jonathan Saunders speaks with James Lane, Hypestar, about how you can use SEO correctly.

meaningful conversations

How To Have More Meaningful Conversations

From social situations to professional ones, we have countless conversations every day. Most of us don’t give much thought to our conversation style. Some conversations are good, some of them are bad. No matter where or why they occur, it’s important for us to make the most of them.

Facebook Screencap Homescreen

Social Media Round Up - F8 Conference

This months' Social Media Roundup covers the F8 Conference 2019 and all the exciting announcements that Facebook made this year! Hear from industry experts as to how this is going to impact marketing for Facebook and what tactics YOU should use to get ahead of the curve.

John Auckland, founder of TribeFirst

How Do I Turn Customers Into Investors and Brand Evangelists?

The consumer is dead, long live the post-consumer. Let me be radical. I believe that people will soon be insulted if you refer to them as consumer, so time to move forward.
John Auckland, founder of TribeFirst, shares his top five tips for creating brand evangelists.