Scotland House member, John Fox leads business development for AGM Batteries and AMTE Power. He tells UMi about his business and why he recommends Scotland House to others. 

What is it your company does, and what makes it special?

AGM works with clients and partners to scale new battery cell technologies through to manufacture. The business involves the development of new battery technology to our processing plant at Thurso, Caithness. AGM’s operation is unique, it offers customers access to the only UK based volume cell manufacturing facility.

AGM provides customers with choice and development flexibility; this approach allows customers to build new products that don’t rely on standard mass-produced battery cells from the existing far eastern manufacturers.  

The UK niche automotive sector is an opportunity for the supply of cells, this niche market focus sees AGM support its European wide customers, who need alternative solutions not readily available from current suppliers.

Why did you join Scotland House and what do you use it for?

The company has an exciting portfolio of promising cell chemistry focused on the future of battery energy storage, our marketing engagement plans included us using Scotland house to host media briefings for the recent AGM announcement of a partnership working with QinetiQ Plc.  The companies have agreed to develop battery cells. Using QinetiQ’s patent portfolios under a license, AGM will use their manufacturing expertise based at our Thurso plant to jointly exploit the world leading QinetiQ battery technology, to scale-up to deliver new products.

The company also works with the Russell Group of universities, enabling early production of pilot scale batteries that are in the earlier stages of invention.  Many of the universities are based in the south, so Scotland House’s location helps us fill the gap in meeting with customers who would be reluctant to travel to our plant in northern Scotland.

What has Scotland House done for your business?

We have a great relationship with the team at Scotland House. The team have been very accommodating and support our development plans. These plans have meant that the executive management team have had to spend an increasing amount of time in the city as well as with southern-based clients and regulators.

The availability to book and host meetings at short notice has been invaluable. The quality and convenience of location has also meant we can rest assured that our visitors would feel welcome and secure in entering a professional business environment. We did consider other alternative membership-based options but felt that as a temporary stepping stone home. Scotland House provide great value for money and convenience.

We have now established a permanent London office but still keep our Scotland House membership as the facility will still play a part in both our meeting and hospitality arrangements.  

Why should other Scottish businesses become members?

We operate our business in high growth sectors including electric vehicles, energy storage, and defence, It is expected that we have a city base. Whilst this is desirable, the operating cost in the early stage of business growth can be crippling. We have enjoyed the Scotland House facility providing a city base without the burdening investment cost of an independent southern base.  


Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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