Key Learnings

  • Trust your staff- don’t micro manage
  • Create a positive environment
  • Believe in your staff- encourage them to do well
  • Encourage your staff to come out of their comfort zone

Martin Robert Hall is a performance psychology coach. He works with athletes and business leaders in the region to transform the outlook of individuals and teams, helping them with mental agility, resilience, focus, leadership skills and instilling a positive attitude in all he speaks to. Here are Martin's five top tips on how to be a great leader in business.

1. Create a positive environment

“People don’t care what you know until they know that you care - firstly in order to get the best from your staff, you must make them feel safe to be able to share their best ideas and deliver their best performances. Most people don’t bring all of their capabilities to work, they leave some behind for fear of ridicule or criticism. Creating an environment where people feel cared about, listened to and appreciated will show them you trust them and encourage them to flourish.”

2. Be humble but courageous

“Don’t pretend you have all the answers- show humility and openness with your team. Be humble enough to show them you don’t have all the answers and be willing to learn from them too. In one of the most extensive studies on successful leadership, researcher Jim Collins found that the most successful companies had a leader at the top who was humble but courageous. The leaders who ruled by fear and superiority never got the best from their people because they were too scared of making mistakes.”

3. Instil a common purpose

“Engage with emotion - human behaviour is largely driven by our emotional brain. As the old maxim goes ‘reason leads to conclusion, emotion leads to action’. Great leaders get people bought into a common purpose, helping them connect the dots of why their role is important and how it contributes to the bigger picture. This keeps people engaged and committed.”

4. Believe in your people and have positive expectations

“Have positive expectations of others - psychological studies show that people often deliver greater performance when people have positive expectations of them. Great leaders have the knack of believing in people even when they don’t believe in themselves. This inspires people to perform beyond what they thought they were capable of.”

5. Don’t micro-manage - trust!

“Delegate and give people more autonomy - a sense of control is vital to people’s self esteem and enjoyment. Micro managing people will make them feel like they you don’t trust them. Get the balance right of providing direction and guidance and allowing people some room to express themselves. People will surprise you and often do the job better than you could have done yourself.”


Martin is offering his motivational, transformational skills and speaking services to Manchester businesses for free throughout autumn 2018. Martin hopes to make a huge impact on the Greater Manchester business community by offering three free sessions a day on Mondays during September, October and November - in an initiative named Martin’s Motivational Mondays.

Contributed by Martin Robert Hall
Kay Smith
Article by Kay Smith
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