Scotland House member spotlight: iDelta

Scotland House member, Stuart Robertson, consulting director of iDelta tells UMi about his business and why he recommends Scotland House to others. 

What is it your company does, and what makes it special?

We develop data analytics solutions to help our customers make better use of their machine data, giving them operational insights that allow them to run their business at lower risk, lower cost and serve their customers better.

It’s the people that makes us special, we’ve managed to draw talent from all over Europe and we’re delighted that they have chosen to make Edinburgh their home.

Scotland has a great history of invention and engineering – I like to think that we draw on this heritage by providing our customers with innovative, well-engineered solutions.

Why did you join Scotland House and how have you used that space?

We are engaged with partners and customers located in London – Scotland House provides us with a high specification, well-run facility in a great location. The initial reason for joining came down to the "better than working from a coffee shop”, which is often what we did previously, between client meetings.

The standard of the office accommodation is first class, the views out of the window mesmerising and canteen facilities are above par while also being low cost. We’ve used the hot desk facility and attended some of the events. Our favourite thing is the engagement and support from Scotland House, they really do work hard to help the members succeed.

What has it done for you and your business?

It’s allowed us to work efficiently when in London for client meetings. We’ve met many of the other members and made some great new contacts. With Scotland House, we have a platform from where we can look to expand our business in London. The engagement and support from the Scotland House team and also Scottish Enterprise has been an unexpected bonus of our membership.

Travelling to London to meet and work alongside our customers in London is proving to be a successful strategy. During one visit in January, I managed to secure additional work on a project that will represent around 5-10% of our revenue this year. In addition to that, plans were made with a customer to secure a further 15% of our expected 2018 revenue.

Travelling to London on business always brings a degree of stress and inconvenience - with our Scotland House membership we now have a sanctuary from which we can engage more effectively with our customers in London.

Why should Scottish businesses become members?

Scotland House represents excellent value for money on the hot desk facility alone. When you combine that with the support from the team and meeting and event space facilities it is a no-brainer.


Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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