Aalskere, The New Fishing Vessel Belonging To Aberdeen Firm Skelwick LLP

Aalskere, the new fishing vessel belonging to Aberdeen firm Skelwick LLP

A new, state-of-the-art fishing vessel has berthed in Orkney thanks to a significant funding package from Royal Bank of Scotland.

Family-run fishing business Skelwick LLP, which has been providing fishing services to the north east of Scotland for 25 years, is the proud owner of a brand new 35-metre trawler, MFV Aalskere. Whilst based in Kirkwall, the new vessel will primarily operate from Peterhead and be managed by fishing agents and partners, Don Fishing Company Limited.

The loan from Royal Bank of Scotland helped to secure the construction of MFV Aaslkere, a new, modern white fish trawler. The project took years in planning to ensure the ideal vessel was delivered to ensure good quality fish landed into the local fish market, before being distributed to customers throughout the UK and Europe.

A crew of 18 staff will rotate their time onboard the vessel, which was designed and built to spec by Ove Kristensen of Vestværftet ApS in Denmark.

Normally the arrival of a new vessel in its home harbour is greeted with much fanfare and celebration, however, coronavirus has meant that the usual celebrations have been postponed.  Her maiden journey has already taken place, with the bespoke elements added to enhance the catch quality firmly put to the test.

Iain Harcus, Director at Skelwick LLP and skipper of Aalskere said: “We started out with our original fishing vessel, which has served us well for over two decades, so it’s been exciting to bring on a newer, more modern boat – the builders have done a fantastic job.

“Alan at Royal Bank of Scotland is well known in the fishing industry, so it was great to work with him and draw on his experience. Thanks to him, the whole process was stress-free, despite some building delays complicating matters. I couldn’t have wished for better.”

Alan Smith, Senior Relationship Manager at Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “It’s always a big event when a new boat enters service, so I’m proud to have been able to play a part in securing the arrival of MFV Aalskere. We wish Iain and his crew many safe journeys on board.”

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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