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On Wednesday 2 September 2020, Jo and Claire from At Sisters Hair & Beauty will be hosting a live Spotlight Session exclusively held in UMi network.

Following the reopening of their salon in Newcastle city centre, Jo and Claire shared their back to business experience with UMi through a series of vlogs. These vlogs highlighted the ways Jo and Claire have adapted their business to keep their staff and clients safe. We also heard how during lockdown, At Sisters revolutionised their customer offering by hosting virtual facial classes, a feature which turned out to be very popular and grew the salon's client base across the country.

During the first Spotlight Session, Jo and Claire will be discussing how business has been since moving out of the lockdown period, and will be answering any of your questions. To submit your question please email and include the subject line RE: At Sisters Spotlight, we can't wait to hear from Jo and Claire.

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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