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At UMi we understand the obstacles businesses face as we navigate our way through these unchartered waters. COVID-19 has impacted businesses all of over the world, and as we slowly move out of lockdown, we want to be there to help you each step of the way.

Given the fast-changing nature of the current situation, it can be challenging to keep on top of everything while you're busy running your business and adapting to the changes. That’s why we want to offer you this free and exclusive ‘Back to Work’ bundle of content to help you and your business adapt to the new normal.

By downloading this bundle you’ll have access to six bespoke pieces of expert-written content, covering topics such as ‘going cashless’, ‘remote working’ and ‘adjusting your business plan after COVID-19’, and many more.

As well as exclusive content, you’ll also receive an actionable template for you to download and use, helping you to take your business further and do more.

On top of all this, you’ll have access to one of UMi’s latest webinars - ‘Preparing your marketing strategy for post-lockdown’ with Dom Carelse from Miappi.

Simply sign up now to receive all this content and become part of UMi’s ever-growing network of likeminded entrepreneurs - together we can go further.

Sign up and download our "Back to Business" Bundle today.

Abi Bentley-Cottam
Article by Abi Bentley-Cottam
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