Model Throwing Business Cards Up In The Air

Keep your business cards simple and easy to read, says survey

Four in ten UK adults have had their perception of a business or company negatively impacted by the quality and design of a business card alone, new research from instantprint shows.

If you want your business card to be looked on positively, make it a small logo, with yellow and white background, and easy to read, well-spaced text.

instantprint conducted biometric analysis of seven business card variations across ten industries. Users had their eyes tracked, using heatmapping and pupil dilation techniques, and their heart rates monitored as they looked over each business card.

Colour attracted the most positive responses, with yellow and white being the most appealing colours for the background of a business card. Strong primary blues and green were also popular accent colour options across the board.

Text that was easy to read and evenly spaced, with black or white text colour, was the most appealing, and classic fonts were consistently more popular than modern typefaces.

Users also showed a preference for simple and representative logos that took up no more than a quarter of the total business card space.

Overall, the findings outlined a tendency towards simplicity over more unique and statement designs.

Jon Constantine-Smith, Head of instantprint, said: “It is fascinating to see just how much impact the design of a business card can have on the perception of a business, but also how opinions do vary between industries, generations and genders.

“Driving new customers can be challenging for any business, so turning someone off when you hand a card over is of course something to avoid.

“When it comes to the design of your business stationery, it can be tricky to get it right, but considering your audience, and following the advice laid out by this research – keeping it simple and representative of your services – is a great starting point.”


Susie Haywood
Article by Susie Haywood
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