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Paul Parkinson, CEO of Synergy Car Leasing, has advice for businesses, furloughed workers and people with an active or pending vehicle lease agreement during the coronavirus pandemic and the current period of restricted movement.

What if I am unable to make my lease payments?

If you have any concerns regarding continuing your payments, please speak to your finance provider directly. They will be able to discuss your individual situation and requirements with you. Some finance providers are taking an extended amount of time to answer their phones and respond to emails. Finance companies are regularly updating their websites with the latest Covid-19 support, information and contact details.  For more information we recommend you visit your finance provider’s website. 

My service and/or MOT is due on my current lease vehicle. Do I need to have it serviced/arrange an MOT?

MOTs are being extended for six months, and many garages are only undertaking critical repairs. Garages also need to adhere to social distancing and increased hygiene measures when the car is dropped at the garage and when it is collected. It is unlikely you will be able to wait in the garage for any repairs to be completed.

If your car is due for a service, we suggest you check with your finance provider if they require the service to be done or if they are happy to wait.

If you are a key worker and your car requires servicing or critical repairs, please inform your finance provider and ask for assistance.

I have an end of contract car which is due for collection, when will my car be collected?

We anticipate that end of contract cars which are due for collection will not be collected until at least 14.4.20. 

This is for your safety and our suppliers’ safety in respect of social distancing rules.

We recommend maintaining adequate insurance cover for your vehicle until normal collections can be resumed. Any concerns regarding your current lease payment, please contact your finance provider directly.

My contract is due to end, can I continue to use my current lease vehicle?

With the restrictions on deliveries of new vehicles, we expect you may want to continue using your existing vehicle. You can still use your current vehicle, provided it is insured, and your finance provider will make a pro-rated charge. This solution means there is no initial rental to outlay for a new vehicle at this time.

Can I lease a brand new car during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Yes. We still have stock vehicles and the ability to place factory orders, however, at this time, we are unable to confirm delivery timescales.

Can my new lease vehicle be delivered safely to my door?

At the current time, we are unable to deliver vehicles due to the UK government’s restrictions on non-essential travel and social distancing.

Will the order of my new lease vehicle be delayed?

The automotive market is one of the world’s most connected supply chains, and some factories around the world are halting production for a few weeks to protect their staff. In addition, with travel restrictions across international borders and in the UK, it is likely that there may be some delay to vehicle orders.

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