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In this webinar, we were joined by training and coaching expert, Matt Somers, to discuss the benefits of a 'leader-as-coach' culture and how you can implement it within your business.

Matt understands that people are working with their true potential locked away. He shows how coaching provides a simple yet elegant key to this lock and that releasing potential in this way transforms the performance of all organisations.

During this webinar, Matt discusses how leaders can become effective coaches, as well as the different strategies leaders can adopt in order to coach their employees remotely. Watch it now.

Webinar notes:

01.00 – Introduction to today guest, Matt Somers

02.15 – What are some of the benefits of developing a leader as coach culture?

05.33 - How does the coaching approach compare then to the likes of training?

07.02 – Can any leader be a coach? Are there any personal qualities required in order to be able to be a coach?

8.11 - Are there any sort of tools and techniques that can enable a leader to become a coach?

11.10 - What strategies are frameworks can leaders adopt in order to be able to coach their employees, especially from a remote space?

16.46 - what are the common challenges have been experienced by leaders when coaching from a distance?

18.56 Is there any one particular platform that you think performs best? Or is it just simply better to pick up the phone?

21.45 – When would coaching perhaps not be the best approach for leaders to use?

26.25 – How do you resolve the issue of someone not wanting to be coached?

29.00 - Are there any other coaching models that could be applied in the workplace?

30.49 - How do you strengthen self-confidence assertiveness and wellbeing through coaching?

34.00 – Are there any books you would recommend managers read?

37.15 – Can you coach your boss?

40.50 – Are there any exercises leaders can use to help employees get out of their old ways?

24.20 - how do you help leaders become effective coaches for their employees? And do you have any examples of this?

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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