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On Monday 17 May 2021 from 4pm to 5pm, the SME Centre of Excellence is hosting an exclusive online event, where you can discover the growth opportunities available in the Utrecht region in the Netherlands to help you establish a presence in Europe.

Held in partnership with the Utrecht Regional Development Agency and aimed at entrepreneurs and business owners, the event will explain how you can establish a presence in the Utrecht Region and what makes this an attractive region to base your business.​

Find out how you can make the most of growth opportunities in Europe and access the right support, at the right time through the Utrecht Region Development Agency to help you grow.

​This event has very limited space, and is strictly on a first come first served basis, to help you engage with experts and network with other growth-minded businesses.

Why Utrecht Region?

  • Health - Utrecht Science Park is the largest science park in the Netherlands
  • Culture and Heritage - Utrecht boasts 2000 years of history, stretching back to Roman times
  • Talent - More than 35% of the population is younger than 27-years-old
  • Region - Wellbeing in the region is high: Utrecht's score puts it in the top 40% of OECD regions on 9 of the 11 indicators

Visit the SME Centre of Excellence event page to book your place.

Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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