Martine Robins Webinar 13Th (1)

On Tuesday 13 October Martine Robins of the HR Dept is joining Enterprise M3 to share her expert knowledge of people and employment issues, to show businesses how they can bring out the best in their team, and how this can be the driving force behind business success.

When starting out in business, it can become increasingly difficult to find the time and expertise to do everything. You may be able to outsource to start, but the time comes when you need to employ. How do you find the right person?

With an existing team, recruiting the right person for a new role is incredibly important. How do you make sure you’re building the right team for your business - not just for team fit, but for the growth of your business?

Join EM3 on 13 October to find this out and learn:

  • Top tips to recruit a rockstar team
  • How to get the best results from your team
  • How to build an inclusive and empowering environment

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Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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