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Online PR platform, JournoLink, and rapidly growing members’ group supporting business founders, Entrepreneurs Collective, have joined forces to help promote the success of member entrepreneurs through quality PR.

JournoLink is the affordable PR solution for all small businesses, freelancers and small agencies, providing all the tools necessary in one easy-to-use place for a business to build a successful PR strategy and engage with over 10,000 journalists.

Created by serial entrepreneur and successful lawyer, Michael Blakeley, Entrepreneurs Collective was set up to help members become the best startup founders that they can be, by building relationships with co-operative communities.

Enabling businesses to pitch to potential investors through a programme of events and providing community support to growing businesses as a whole, the collective has grown to a membership in excess of 4,000 people since its inception.

JournoLink Director, Peter Ibbetson, said: “JournoLink is delighted to be working with the Entrepreneurs Collective team in helping members succeed with their PR plans. With 19 out of 20 of us now making our buying decisions based on recommendations and reviews, positive PR has never been more important for growing businesses.”

Michael Blakeley added: “The JournoLink platform is absolutely aligned to the Entrepreneurs Collective philosophy of collaboration to drive growth. Having founded and invested in businesses myself, I am well aware of the importance of PR, but also of how many businesses fail to make the most of it, both because they simply do not know how to go about it, and for fear of the potential cost. Through our partnership with JournoLink we are removing these barriers and look forward to helping our members engage with the media to share their successes.”

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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