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During his decade-long career in marketing, Moment’s Technical Director Adam Bell became disillusioned at how marketing campaigns were used to aggressively influence the public, without considering the social or environmental consequences. Driven by a desire to use marketing as a ‘force for good’, he established Moment – an agency with sustainability and progress at its heart. Here, he shares how his pioneering marketing agency is well on the road to international success by working with clients that put a focus on people and planet ahead of profit.

Tell us a bit about Moment and the service it offers. 

Moment was established on 23 October, 2018. Our modern marketing agency evolved from a realisation that marketers can do more from a business perspective. As an industry with a huge amount of interaction and communication with society, we have the power to initiate change. Many businesses believe they are not responsible for changing the way we treat our planet and our people but, in reality, we all have a huge role to play. This is the message Moment wants to share, while helping businesses grow sustainably through inbound marketing techniques.  

How has the company developed?  

We were lucky enough to see a lot of growth in 2020 throughout the pandemic. In the past year we have grown from a team of seven to a team of 12. We’re about to grow even more with two new team members onboarding over the next month. We have also opened our first official office in Aberdeen, where most of our team members are located.  

We have developed a successful hybrid working scheme, which was important to us as we have team members located across Scotland and Ireland. We hope to open more offices across the UK as we expand our team.  

Moment has also branched out internationally, with exciting projects ahead of us in Europe. All of these changes are allowing us to expand our service offering as we welcome a greater skillset into Moment - from web development and targeted advertising to social media management and search engine optimisation.  

What is the ethos behind the company and how has this changed or developed since you started? 

I worked in marketing for 10 years before establishing Moment. I always felt uneasy about some of the ways our craft is applied. An early experience of a campaign was around aggressively market coffee to children in China. It made me scrutinise how marketing can be used as a force for evil, as well as good. As Moment has developed, we have baked ‘marketing for good’ into our DNA. We’re proud to work with clients who, like us, have sustainability and regeneration at the heart of their agenda. We want to help them grow more sustainably and have a positive impact on people and the planet. 

What’s the business's USP? 

Moment advocates using marketing for the greater good. With so much influence over consumers' behaviour, we believe marketing can be used to change the way we act, not only as businesses, but as humans.  

We take on clients that are willing to use sustainable marketing techniques that have been proven to achieve business goals, as well as operating in support of the Triple Bottom Line, also known as the ‘3 Ps - People, Planet and Profit’. It means that, alongside generating a profit, businesses should aim to do good for the planet and its people. This means getting involved, and committing to, environmental and community initiatives such as the Better Business Act and the Living Wage Foundation.  

Can you give us an example of an impactful collaboration your business has been involved in? 

Moment made an early commitment to Developing the Young Workforce, collaborating with the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce, as well as Skills Development Scotland and Robert Gordon University, where four of our team members have now graduated from.  

Most recently, we have collaborated with QA to onboard three apprentices, further committing to provide multiple entry routes into our industry. We strongly believe that making marketing more accessible and increasing diversity in the workforce, will lead to greater marketing effectiveness and the ability to consistently deliver on our mission. Thanks to these incredible partners, we’ve been right so far! 

Go further celebrates organisations with the ‘foresight to inform and respond to the changing world around them’. How does Moment fulfil this?  

As a marketing agency, it’s our responsibility not only to stay ahead of the curve for the sake of our business, but those of our clients. As technology continues to disrupt every market we operate in, we must stay abreast of trends in devices, software, customer behaviour, media channels and more. Furthermore, as the traditional business model of an ‘agency’ shifts, we must constantly develop new ways to best support our clients and their sustainable growth ambitions. 

What has been your company’s greatest achievement? 

Having established as a business, it’s really rewarding to begin to develop our culture, values and ethos and we’ve recently began our B Corp journey We took the B Impact Assessment to measure our progress against our objective to put our people and the planet, before profit. Now we are hard at work creating the policies and procedures we’ll need to scale sustainably, while influencing those around us to become more sustainable, too.  

What are our businesses long-term and short-term plans? 

In the short-term, Moment is focussed on its European expansion. We want to continue to build on the work we’re delivering with clients across the UK and the continent, delivering a wide variety multi-channel, sustainability-focused marketing campaigns. Longer –term, our ambition is to have a Moment on every continent - although we might struggle with Antarctica!- to continue helping international clients to think global and act local to contribute to positive change worldwide. 

Key takeaways 

  • Moment supports the sustainable growth of businesses through design-led, data-drive and delivery focussed marketing strategy. 
  • Over the past 18-months, Moment has grown its team, opened its first office and successfully adopted hybrid working.  
  • Moment has collaborated with Developing the Young Workforce, Skills Development Scotland and Robert Gordon University, creating opportunities for young people entering marketing, creating a more accessible industry.  
  • Moment is currently in the process of securing B Copt accreditation.  

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It is open to Northern Powerhouse and Scotland-based businesses of all sizes and from all sectors, but we are particularly interested in businesses operating within bio-science, health tech, clean energy, decarbonisation, circular economy, data and digitisation, space and satellite, tech, AI and advanced manufacturing. For more info visit 

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