GO FURTHER With Digital Adoption Final

On Thursday 15 October at 1pm, Nicki Clark, Chief Executive, UMi Commercial, will be joined by Digital Adviser Helen Watson from Digital Drive County Durham to discuss how businesses can go further through the adoption of digital technologies as part of Digital Leaders Week Online.

This session will show real-life examples of how businesses have managed to go further through digital adoption, from social media to website development to AI to ERP systems, Helen and Nicki will look at the benefits to businesses of embracing new technologies.

Digital Leaders Week is the biggest gathering of people focused on three key questions our organisations face during this accelerated period of digital transformation: What works? How to? And where can we get advice?

The week is over halfway through and in total there are over 200 sessions and 300 speakers covering 12 topics, four sectors and 10 UK regions. There is still time to join Nicki and Helen's talk as well as the rest of the week's presentations. 

In addition, you'll get to meet the organisations that can help you and develop new ideas and find practical solutions. There is also the opportunity to build your peer-to-peer networks to share new thinking - all from the comfort of your desk.

Headline partners include all four UK national governments and leading organisations - from businesses like SAGE, UMi and the FSB, to not-for-profits including NCVO.

For more information go to the Digital Leaders Week website

To accompany this fantastic webinar, we've put together a summary of the best training programs and funding schemes currently available around digital adoption, DOWNLOAD NOW for free and take your business further.
Neina Sheldon
Article by Neina Sheldon
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