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Technology property management platform Plentific, with key partners AO Proptech and The Disruptive Innovators Network (DIN), has launched PropertyLab, a new technology innovation programme.

PropertyLab will deliver a system for automating and streamlining compliance processes across the whole of the housing sector, with a design prototype expected to be ready for demo in June 2020.

With a combined portfolio of 400,000 homes, stakeholders in the first phase include Peabody Trust, Hull City Council, Golden Lane Housing, Richmond Housing Partnership, ForViva, Asper, Notting Hill Genesis, L&Q, Karbon Homes and Believe Housing.

PropertyLab will aggregate all data into one place to increase efficiency in delivering regulatory obligations, but also greatly enhance transparency and reporting for both landlords and tenants.  In practice, PropertyLab will facilitate the implementation of high priority actions from regulatory reports automatically, and has the potential to empower tenants to take more control, for example by directly booking gas servicing appointments without needing to arrange through the landlord. 

Cem Savas, CEO and co-founder of Plentific, said: “There is clear market demand for a standardised solution around compliance.  Currently, there is no single system for managing compliance across the housing sector. Important activity often sits between multiple teams, from the contractor to the housing manager, with data on issues and fixes recorded in a variety of different ways.  This approach can lead to delays, inefficiency and missed deadlines.

“Working collaboratively with landlords, Plentific is driving forward change and innovation. We are changing the way the sector thinks and acts, which will ultimately result in a streamlined compliance process and save costs.”

Andy Isted, Head of Business Development at Peabody, said: “This represents an opportunity for the sector to work with an innovative organisation to shape and develop a new approach to delivering our compliance responsibilities as landlords.

“Working alongside other housing associations with the same challenges, but with an open mind to innovation will enable us to develop significant opportunities for improvement across the sector for the future.”



Susie Haywood
Article by Susie Haywood
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