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Business and leadership coach, Sean Purcell, explains the importance of being able to step back and delegate to our teams.

The dilemma, or biggest inner battle for most business owners today is their inability to step back, let go and learn to delegate. This is something I coach people on time and time again. In recent months too we have had to throw a whole new way of doing business into the mix as well. There have been many new challenges.

Owning a business can at times be overwhelming and stressful. And the thought of letting go of your baby, or of even one simple task to the person that you know can do it as well as, if not more efficiently than you, is a big step, especially for small and medium size business owners.

“But the reality is that to step back and manage and run your company… You must let go.”

Business growth can get out of control at both ends of the spectrum and it is time to take control, it is time to make change, it is time to delegate wherever and whenever you can. Because inevitably these small steps will enable you to be the best at what you started out doing, be it plumbing, designing websites, writing code, hairdressing, whatever.

Your time on your chosen profession must remain central to productivity and positive business growth. Dithering with receipts and arranging MOTs should probably be left to another to deal with. After all, isn’t that why you employed them?

“Once you have the courage to make time to take time, the payback for your business will be phenomenal.”

This is not to say that you can just lean back on a large leather office chair and relax. It is your responsibility to push the business forward, control cash flow, ensure growth, increase sales and drive staff productivity. But you will be far better placed to deal with the business of running your business if you are unhindered at the helm, and not knee deep in sea water below desks, as it were.

When you have the dedicated time to look objectively at the business you are running, the answers will become all too clear as to exactly where you need to focus your time and efforts as the ‘Boss’ and how to achieve optimum income, output and growth stimulus.

You will have the time to devote to staff progression, mentoring if needed and, of course, the valuable time to strengthen those areas of the business that could do with more regular or committed attention. Your time, unhindered and offered to your staff and your clients and customers will always pay dividends.

You will be able to ensure that those calls are made to prospective customers, to ensure that the service you are providing remains second to none. But only you can do this, and only you can do this by taking that valuable step back.

More recently, many business owners have had to make some serious changes to the way the run things. But from these unprecedented times may have come some major insights or factors for business improvement.

For example, you have looked at your current premises and questioned whether you need them, or the size of them at least, with so many staff proving capable of working remotely. You may have invested more heavily in technology that had not been on the cards so recently, but this may have already proved its worth, so is further investment a positive step towards business growth?

On the other side of this coin, of course, is the less positive – have some roles in your business become redundant, if only for the immediate future? Did furlough inadvertently clear a path for improved cash flow in staffing costs and overall overheads?

These are all questions to which none of us have the entire or perfect answer or solution. All I can say with any certainty is that for any business to thrive, as well as just simply survive the current economic climate, there were always going to be casualties. But these do not necessarily have to be within your business. Sometimes the best course of action is to simply take that step back and be unbiased, as hard as this may seem.

Business and leadership coach, Sean Purcell, is Director and Founder of Sean Purcell, MillenniALL Media and ActionCoach Colchester. He is an award-winning business and leadership performance coach, speaker and entrepreneur who educates and trains SME business owners and entrepreneurs to create businesses fit for the future. Sean is also author of number one best-selling book MillenniALL, a guidebook for the Millennial generation.

Sean is an accredited Business and Leadership Coach who works with all kinds of business owners to develop their organisations, processes and ultimately take their business to the next level. Sean helps many business owners to achieve their goals, build profit and grow their business. 

Contributed by Sean Purcell
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Article by Bethany Wright
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