DABS Social July 2021

Join us online on Thursday 8 July from 5.30pm at the DABS Live and Learn networking event and hear from Sarah Callender from Duo Global Consulting on How to Navigate Difficult Conversations in Business.

Often, we either avoid the difficult conversations, or end up having unproductive ones where issues continue to surface because we failed to tackle the root cause. In this training we share a really simple model for successfully planning, and having, difficult conversations that drive lasting change.

Often, as leaders and managers we have to manage conflict and have difficult conversations. Both impact a whole host of things including project success, productivity, performance, and ultimately the happiness and success of individuals, teams and the wider business.

During this webinar we are going to look at a model for cutting through the emotion, and the reservations, of having a difficult conversation, and being able to talk honestly and pragmatically, with only facts, to generate the desired outcome.

Sarah is the Commercial Director of Duo, leading the commercial vision of the business, both internally, and externally with clients. Sarah’s wealth of business knowledge, coupled with her experience as a qualified behavioural change coach, perfectly places her to work with growth focused businesses on leading and navigating strategic change.

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Amanda Armstrong
Article by Amanda Armstrong
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