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ISOs bring great accountability and efficiency to your business, and they also bring a unique selling point for your business, but how do you leverage the most attention and marketing from your certification? Jenny Kilburn, Managing Director and Founder of Synergos Consultancy Ltd. shares her top tips.

As a company, you’ll be engaged in constant marketing action. Achieving ISO certification – as well as other recognised accreditations – presents a golden marketing tool that can re-energise your marketing.

As a marketing tool, an ISO is a welcome gift for pushing your brand in front of a new audience, as well as re-connecting with current ones. There are various means of promoting your ISO certification success.

1. Emphasise the increased value to your clients

ISO certifications are great, but what difference does this make to your customers? In essence, you need to show how your business or organisation is in an even better position to solve their problems.

Focus on what the ISO brings to your clients:

  • Quality control – ISOs improve efficiency and so for your clients, this means even better service in key areas.
  • Lower costs – as a certified business, you are more efficient and this means you won’t cut corners as some of your competitors may do.
  • Accountability – again, ISO certifications bring a level of accountability to your business that means better, transparent processes.

The key to all good and successful marketing campaigns is to put your customer at the centre. Address the main issue of what your ISO success truly means for them.

2. Educate and inform

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of certification and accreditation systems that businesses can be a part of. Some are universally recognised, like ISOs, but others can be a little more obscure. What your clients and customers may not know is just how much is involved in the process of getting certification, and what it means.

You may not want to get too caught up in specifics, but educating and informing your audience with informative blog posts, newsletters or press releases that explain a little more behind the certification won’t go amiss. Emphasise just how prestigious achieving an ISO is.

3. Use all marketing channels

Every business will choose to use different marketing channels. Some may include LinkedIn posts, captions on Instagram and updates on Facebook in their efforts. Others may link to blog posts on their own website or guest posts on others. Some may choose to distribute press releases. When you achieve a certification make the most of all the marketing channels open to your business to communicate this.

Every forum and platform is different, however. Consider what it is that the audience on each of these channels will be looking for and why they would be interested in knowing of your ISO success.

4. Use it with your branding

Every certification and accreditation scheme has its own logo and once you have successfully reached its designated standard, you can use this logo and branding alongside your own.

Add the certification logos alongside your own branding in email signatures, on your website header and footer, in the headers of social media accounts, your company letterhead and compliment slips and more. You could also add it to company vehicles, as well as displaying it prominently at your premises.

Your organisation – and the people within it - has worked hard to achieve this latest success and it is perfect for showcasing just how brilliant your company is at what it does.

Jenny is the Managing Director and Founder of Synergos Consultancy Ltd. She has nearly two decades of experience improving and streamlining business systems and helping clients obtain crucial and valuable certification.

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