In this episode Pascal Fintoni and Tom Brock from UMi sit and discuss what to expect and what to do when looking for debt finance.

There are two options for you:

1. go for a 'lunch and learn' approach with the interview playing in the background whilst you get on with other tasks and enjoy your lunch break (almost like your favourite radio show!)

2. go for a 'pick and mix' style learning and fast forward to the topics most relevant to you using the timestamping below the video.

In both cases, make sure to have your pen and notebook at hand as Tom shares a lot of practical advice!


[0.00 - 3.30] Introduction
Pascal Fintoni opens up the webinar and introduces Tom Brock including a brief description of what is to be covered in today's webinar.


[3.31 - 10.40] Business Plan Outline Tips and Best Practice
Tom outlines his tips and the best practice that fund managers look for while reviewing your applications to finance. This insight from a lenders perspective helps you to see how to structure your business plan and funding application. 


[10.41 - 16.18] Prepare - Detail - Presentation
Hear some of the easy mistakes companies can make in their financial applications, and things that get lenders nervous, like projection led accounts. Tom covers that being upfront and honest in your application is the best tactic, it will help to create credibility, and the lender will find out anyway.


[16.19 - 19.45] Risk and Mitigants
Banks will do some of their own risk assessments, but if you've already outlined it and created a solution or are showing that you're trying, this will help your application. What are risks? The things about your business that keep you up at night.


[19.46 -25.25] The Killer Business Plan
This is a breakdown of all of the traits that can be found in a killer business plan. Maybe it's time to reflect on yours and make a few changes!


[25.26 - 28.00] Hints and Tips
Tom gives an explicit list of things you MUST do to be successful. You need to be prepared, do your homework. Be ready to offer detail where needed (or come back with that information quickly).


[28.01 - 38.31] Finishing Questions
This segment of the webinar focuses on further questions that piqued Pascal's interest, and even the potential for another interview in the future.

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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