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HubbleHQ, the leading online platform for flexible office space, has launched a brand new Workplace Strategy Tool, designed to give businesses actionable insights into how their employees want to work in the future.

With the tool, businesses can easily survey their team members using a 5-minute curated questionnaire, access the data immediately via their own results dashboard, and get a free, recommended strategy based on the results—whether that’s permanent remote working, a full-time office or a hybrid of the two.

A recent HubbleHQ survey of over 1,000 employees from hundreds of businesses across the UK showed we may only need 34% of our current office space. With many companies now considering decreasing their office footprint long-term, initiatives to gauge employee preferences are more important than ever.

As companies work out their future policies around remote working and when to return employees to the office, regular communication to find out how team members want to work is crucial. Preferences around remote working can vary significantly from person to person, particularly when it comes to the impact it has on employees’ wellbeing and productivity.

The tool not only helps businesses gather the insights they need but also bridges the gap between employers having the answers and knowing what to do with them. Employee preferences are instantly translated into a recommended workplace strategy, and HubbleHQ’s expert advisors are also on hand to give free advice around the best next steps.

“By using the Workplace Strategy Tool, employers can gain real-time visibility into what their employees need and want, to make better-informed decisions around what their future workplace will look like. With employees stuck inside for November at the very least, many will feel frustrated at the lack of control around their physical environment—making it more important than ever to show them that your business takes their voice into account,” says Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at HubbleHQ. 

The Workplace Strategy Tool has already been used by the likes of Crowdcube, Feedr, and Koru Kids to figure out their future plans.

Rachel Carrell, CEO of Koru Kids said: the HubbleHQ survey was brilliant for us. It not only gave us some really useful information about our team's preferences, but it also catalysed us into thinking quite differently about our space needs. We went from having a huge, expensive office to a much more flexible working arrangement, with a small central office for those who really need it and a flexi-pass to other workspaces around London for those who prefer that. This move has been a sanity-saver for some of the team, and a happy financial surprise for our accountants!”

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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