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On Wednesday 24 March, UMi Digital Adviser Helen Watson will be joining guest Adrian Joyce, from Tacs Training, to chat about all things digital - sharing their experience and expertise to help take your business further.

During the event, which will be hosted live on Facebook at 1:30pm, Helen and Adrian will be discussing the different digital opportunities available to businesses, the benefits they can bring and how businesses can access them. 

Adrian will also be sharing his experience of working with UMi to take Tacs Training to the next level through digital adoption. 

Helen and Adrian will be discussing:

  • What the role of an UMi Adviser is, and how they support businesses 
  • How UMi has supported Adrian and Tacs Training
  • How Tacs Training has pivoted and grown from a digital perspective 
  • Top tips on accessing support and initiating your digital transformation  

Whether you're looking to find more customers, source digital talent or access funding to realise your digital investment objectives, UMi's Digital Advisers have the knowledge, expertise and experience to guide you down the right path.

Join us live on Facebook on Wednesday 24 March and let UMi help your business go further. 

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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