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As gyms and leisure centres across the country have started to reopen following COVID-19 lockdown regulations, one of the UK’s leading business coaches and mentors is offering an exclusive 90-day partnership package to help fitness professionals and personal trainers adapt to the new normal. Michael Cloonan - ‘The People’s Coach’ - is providing 24-hour access to his services for a limited number of health and fitness leaders actively looking to scale up.

With a focus on recession-proofing and scaling up during periods of disruption and uncertainty, the 90-day results-drive programme is a bold deviation from the standard hourly or weekly business coaching schemes that have become the norm.

Boasting round-the-clock access to a renowned entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience under his belt, the partnership package is designed to help fitness professionals build and develop new processes and procedures that streamline the customer experience and meet evolving expectations.

“Having listened closely to fitness professionals over the past couples of months, I’ve noticed that there is one very common challenge that’s being experienced by many, and that’s the fact that while gyms and fitness centres have been given the green light to reopen, COVID-19 guidelines mean that many trainers can’t carry out business in quite the same way they used to,” said business coach and mentor Michael Cloonan.

“My aim is to help fitness leaders develop new ways of working, switching into online and hybrid models, for example, by offering 90 days' support and results-driven solutions.”

While the fitness industry was initially devastated by COVID-19, it is one that is set to thrive as the economy begins to return to normal. According to a recent report by the BBC, nearly half of all Brits have gained weight during lockdown, with an increasing number of people now seeking support as they strive to drop the extra pounds. However, with a need to operate in a COVID-secure manner, many personal trainers are finding it difficult to scale up to meet demand while remaining compliant with legislation in the UK.

Michael Cloonan’s one-of-a-kind 90-day programme kicks off with a three-hour strategy session to generate an overall goal and plan of action. Sessions evolve to consider personal branding, audience, price points, and future aims, with each coaching opportunity tailored to the individual’s requirements.

Ultimately, through the scheme, Michael hopes to provide fitness professionals with the skills and tools needed to develop a winning mindset during periods of uncertainty, and ensure that the health and fitness industry emerges strong and able to withstand the demands of the new normal.

The exclusive 90-day partnership with leading business coach and mentor Michael Cloonan is available to just five fitness professionals.

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