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A Leicestershire-based business has launched a new product brochure to help schools and businesses safely return to work amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Soar Valley Press have designed a new brochure, containing a variety of safety products and protection, to help businesses and other organisations put the necessary measures in place to welcome back their staff and customers.

The products, which are inclusive of branded face masks, cough guards, acrylic desk dividers, and social distancing floor vinyl stickers will allow employees to maintain social distancing, as well as ensuring that they are able to continue working safely and efficiently.

“As the country looks to a new normal, we are keen to support even more businesses to get back to work. We have already had a great response from the brochure and are working closely with landlords, schools, charities and businesses to help them ensure their staff can return to work cautiously, when it is safe to do so”. Said Chris Goodman of Soar Valley Press.

As the UK Government, looks to welcome the return of employees to a number of different sectors, it is vital that firms meet the health and safety operations needed to safely restart their operations. The products featured in the brochure will help individuals to maintain social distancing and encourage them to practice strict hygiene within the workplace.



When developing the brochure, Soar Valley Press closely followed the latest Government advice, and ensured that the products featured would allow businesses to implement these guidelines.

“The next stage is to help businesses get back to work safely and we hope, thanks to our new safety product brochure, that businesses will be able to do just that”. Said Chris Goodman, Managing Director at Soar Valley Press.

The safety product brochure is available to download directly from Soar Valley Press’ website. You can also access more information about each of the products available, here.

Bethany Wright
Article by Bethany Wright
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