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A new programme has been launched to support SMEs looking to sell their products and services to the automotive sector.

Taking place in June, the Back to Business Basics Marketing for Automotive programme is organised by Supply Chain North East.

It is fully funded for eligible SMEs and is being delivered by the North East Automotive Alliance (NEAA) in partnership with marketing firm Horizon Works.

Delegates will learn the fundamental tools and techniques for successfully promoting, selling, and distributing their products and services to the automotive sector.

They will also be able to access training on marketing strategy and learn about ‘marketing essentials’ such as brand building, PR and digital content.

Supply Chain North East’s Back to Business Basics initiative is a series of funded programmes covering areas including sales and marketing, business strategy, business resilience and wellbeing.

Eight SMEs participated in the first Back to Business Basics Marketing For Automotive programme, including companies working across 3D printing, electric vehicles, IT support and logistics.

Programme participant Marco Massi, owner of 3D printing specialist MakeitQuick, said: “The business support provided by the NEAA is second to none.

“Thanks to the collaboration with Horizon Works we have been able to expand our client database and increase our revenue in just a few weeks.

“In a time of turmoil, fractures and uncertainty, it is refreshing to be part of a network that puts the needs of the small business community before the profit line.”

Paul Butler, CEO of the North East Automotive Alliance, added: “The Back to Business Basics programme can offer SMEs an integrated approach to reassessing the foundations of their business and the expert advice and insight on how to create a structure that facilitates and sustains growth during both prosperous and challenging times.”

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