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Online PR platform JournoLink has partnered with Swoop, a business funding and savings platform for SMEs, to make the JournoLink platform available to Swoop clients.

As businesses emerging from the coronavirus pandemic look to manage their budgets in line with their cashflow challenges, JournoLink enables businesses and marketing professionals to manage their own PR, and that of their clients very cost effectively and efficiently.

Eleanor St Aubyn, Partnership Marketing Manager at Swoop, commented: “Swoop is committed not just to helping businesses find the right funding, but also to providing business owners with the best tools to help them grow and succeed.

“We see the JournoLink platform as one of those services and look forward to working with the JournoLink team, helping Swoop customers as they rebuild their businesses after facing many challenges in recent months and look to start new opportunities.”

Peter Ibbetson from JournoLink added: “The platform we have developed in JournoLink provides all the key features that are needed for businesses to manage their own PR and give their brands the profile that is so important to their success.

“Working with Swoop to help their clients grow makes a great deal of sense and we are pleased to be supporting them and their businesses.”

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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