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A Yorkshire-based start-up business has taken the brave step of launching in a global pandemic, in a bid to completely transform the way firms do business networking forever.

Meeow is the brainchild of small business owners, Chris Rabbitt and Simon Glenn, who have developed the innovative, peer-to-peer community platform to enable business professionals to network virtually, without losing the personal intimacy of face-to-face interaction.

Environmentally friendly and completely in-tune with the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, it enables business people to network from the comfort and convenience of their home or office, saving both time and money.

The Meeow community already comprises over 600 members and facilitates over 30 hours of business networking a week amongst professionals across all industry sectors. It is the growth of this unique community of like-minded, but ultimately random business individuals, that sets the company apart from hosting tools such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Meeow is currently free to users but will shortly become a paid subscription service and is already developing its own bespoke technology platform to host the community.

Chris Rabbitt, founder of Meeow, commented: “Starting a new business during a global pandemic may seem like lunacy but Meeow is very much a product of the constraints imposed in response to COVID-19. We appreciate the struggles businesses face and we wanted to create a unique solution to networking in the ‘new normal’.

“Our business model has true global appeal and scalability, as it speaks to the need in all of us for warmth and genuine human interaction in the corporate world. We feel that the business opportunities and commercial benefits of business networking should not be lost in the current climate. People buy from people after all and we don’t feel COVID-19 should change that.

“From CEOs to small business owners, we’ve been told that attending Meeow meetings helps enormously with mental health, reducing the feeling of isolation and disassociation that comes with social distancing.”

Meeow is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The team has a strong CSR and social ethos and aims to use some of its revenue to fund social projects close to its hearts. For further information visit

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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