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This live replay of our Lunch and Learn webinar series, find out what web extensions and apps take the hard work out of marketing your business. Hear directly from our Content & Marketing team the tools that they use daily.

There are two options for you:

1. go for a 'lunch and learn' approach with the interview playing in the background whilst you get on with other tasks and enjoy your lunch break (almost like your favourite radio show!)

2. go for a 'pick and mix' style learning and fast-forward to the topics most relevant to you using the timestamping below the video.

In both cases, make sure to have your pen and notebook at hand, so you don't miss any of the must-have tools!


[00.00 - 04.00] Introduction
A quick intro on this webinar, hear from the whole team they're thoughts on building your marketing toolkit.

[4.00 - 8.11] Inspiration
The hardest thing is often getting started! The first tool we want to give you is inspiration tools that will give you some content ideas. Keywords, SEO and Curation are all covered.

[8.12 - 13.00] Writing
If you're not a natural writer, this can be tough, hear some of the best tools to upgrade your writing so you can come up with some top content for your business.

[13.01 - 16.00] Headlines
You're inspired, you've created your article and now it's time to come up with a headline. Stumped? These two tools will have you sorted in no time.

[16.01 - 20.04] Record Audio and Video
You may notice, Pascal disappears at one point here, we had a few technical difficulties but the show must go on. We cover our favourite tools for filming your content, including screen recorders, so you can show your screen and yourself at the same time.

[20.05 - 24.49] Edit Video
Ironically, this is something we had to do, to stitch our videos together in this section. We discuss quick tools to make social media videos and short promo videos, as well as some long-form editors.

[24.50 - 30.10] Create Images
From Canva to GIMP we offer a range of different graphics creators and image editors to make some great designs for your business. 

[30.11 - 34.35] Social Media Schedulers
With so many on the market, we offer just a couple of the stand out tools that we use as a team and recommend to take the hard work out of actually scheduling your content. A task that is always a little monotonous, so the easier it can be better! 

[34.36 - 37.20] Hashtag Generators
Hashtags have been a phenomenon on social media! It can be tough to know what the right ones are to garner traffic to your platform, these generators try to take the guesswork out for you.

[37.21 - 40.57] Honourable Mentions! 
We couldn't finish the webinar without going through these extra gems. Although they didn't make it into our toolkit breakdown, these tools are still worth checking out and may be a better option for you. 

Thanks again for joining us with this webinar! We hope you've walked away with your full content marketing toolkit ready to go. Don't forget to download the full list of apps mentioned in today's webinar. Let us know your thoughts in a comment, or direct through our social media! 

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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