Three Stars

It has never been more appropriate that UMi is named after Ursa Minor - the brightest constellation in the sky – as Best Companies has awarded the company its highest star rating for workplace engagement, for the second time.

The three-star accreditation means that UMi is considered a 'world class' employer and it joins an exclusive club of small businesses that excels in being a supportive workplace where talent thrives.

Best Companies determines its ratings in part by employee surveys covering leadership, personal growth, wellbeing, fairness, teamwork and the ability to give back.

This gives an accurate picture of not only how employees feel but why they feel a certain way about the company they work for.

The top three-star standard is reserved for those workplaces that achieves a BCI score of 738 or more.

Everyone at UMi is rightly proud of achieving the three-star standard as the team know that companies are more than just bricks and mortar or numbers on a spreadsheet. They're living, breathing things, powered by people. It also gives the company an even stronger foundation to continue to make it easier for businesses to do more and go further.

Chief Executive of UMi, Nicki Clark, said: "2021 has seen us achieve our highest BCI score yet and once again achieve three stars. I've never been more proud to be part of the team at UMi, the last year has seen us at our best in every aspect of the business but none more so than how we feel towards who we are, what we do, and why. As a wholly employee-owned business, we know that businesses are powered by people and our team has reached unchartered levels of energy, creativity and care we have invested in our business and shown each other – together, WE ARE UMi and are doing what others say can't be done."

UMi will now wait to see if the stars align again on Friday (21 May) when Best Companies announces its national, regional sector listings at the special Best Companies Live event, hosted by BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker.

Alison Cowie
Article by Alison Cowie
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