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Eye care specialist Visioncall is focussing on growing its operations across the UK following a restructuring process designed to improve its clinical service.

Visioncall is one of the UK’s leading providers of eye health services to care homes and has had to adapt its operating model to facilitate growth in a market heavily impacted by Covid-19.

The restructure consolidated managerial, administrative, bookings, and HR roles to the company’s Cambuslang base. Head office will act as the nexus of the hub and spoke model of operations with lead optometrists and dispensing opticians focussing on the delivery and standard of care.

Three new regional lead optometrist roles and three lead dispensing optician positions have been created to provide deeper and broader coverage south of the border.

Michelle Le Prevost, Managing Director at Visioncall, led the restructuring programme. She said: “Covid-19 has had an immeasurable impact on businesses across the country and around the world, and few have been as hard as our partners and patients in the care home sector. It became clear very quickly that we would have to adapt our operations significantly to be able to continue our person-focused eye care, which – while difficult – gave us the capacity to look at our broader business operations and adapt for the future.

“Our clinical teams are the experts in the fields and specialise in the looking after our elderly and vulnerable patients, including those with dementia and communication issues. Because of the nature of our core patient base, it’s essential that those clinical teams can focus on implementing the highest standards of care rather than roles like processing bookings which can be done remotely.

“The new operating model also allows us to be more flexible to changing markets. Care homes remain our central and core audience although as the way we each live our lives is changed, perhaps irrevocably, by Covid-19, there are opportunities to expand and innovate with new routes to market for eye health businesses like ours.

“The future of the care home sector and the wider economy is uncertain, but by taking these brave steps now, we’re securing the future of our business and protecting our patients’ eye care and the improvements in quality of life that accompany clear vision.”

Visioncall has been delivering person-centred eye care to the UK care home sector since 1994. Its services include home sight tests, optical dispensing and dementia-friendly eye exams.

More than 50% of UK care home residents suffer from sight loss, which can increase anxiety and frustration, having knock-on effects on other aspects of an individual’s physical and mental health.

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Article by Kate Buckle
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