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Social housing technology provider, Voicescape has launched two new services to bolster its existing suite of tenant sustainability solutions.

The Compliance and Wellbeing services have been developed in partnership with social landlords following months of real-world testing with teams and tenant end users. The results have delivered solutions that can be tailored to improve efficiency and build more meaningful tenant engagement to enhance the landlord-tenant relationship.

Voicescape Compliance is designed to help social landlords adhere to statutory property maintenance requirements and increase efficiency by automating the calls that inform residents of their upcoming gas and electricity safety appointments. It then gives them the option to confirm or amend appointments in order to reduce the volume of costly no access visits and subsequent non-compliance.

Voicescape Wellbeing is designed to automate the daily check-in call procedure for sheltered accommodation residents. By streamlining welfare calls in this way, housing officers benefit from having more time to focus on providing care to those with more complex needs. The service has been designed to deliver a resident-centric approach to wellbeing, giving residents greater control over how and when they’re contacted, affording more independence to those that want it and enhanced support to those who need it. 

The Wellbeing service and Voicescape’s development partnership with South Tyneside Homes has already been recognised for its exemplary standards, receiving an iESE Certificate of Excellence at the Public Sector Transformation Awards 2021.  

Gary Haynes, chief operating officer at Voicescape, said: “In the last 12 months we have worked closely with our customers to navigate the challenges of the pandemic. Many tenants have required extra support that has exceeded the traditional service offering and housing providers have had to adapt at pace to free-up resources to respond effectively to the changing demands on services. 

“We have purposefully designed Voicescape’s service offering to be informed by our customers’ business strategies to enhance our value-add proposition. Alongside Collections and Feedback, our Compliance and Wellbeing services are well placed to provide our customers with a holistic suite of solutions to build better engagement with their residents and improve efficiencies within their own organisations.”

Founded in 1998, Voicescape has been developing technology solutions for over twenty years. The organisation helps social landlords build sustainable tenancies through more effective customer engagement and behavioural insight.

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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