In a nutshell… 

  • Sharing your organisational vision and values with employees gives them a direction to follow
  • Be open with your staff, if you want them to act in a certain way, make sure you’re following suit too
  • Show your team appreciation for the contribution they are making to the business  
  • Making your employee’s goals achievable encourages them to believe in themselves 
  • Always show them your support by regularly checking in with them 
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This UMi guide offers six powerful motivational strategies you can use to boost your team’s enthusiasm in the workplace.

motivated and engaged workforce is the foundation of any successful business. But as individuals strive to move away from a mundane 9-5 lifestyle, it can be hard to keep your employees firing on all cylinders throughout the entire working year. The manager-employee relationship is, therefore, more important than it’s ever been before. To achieve the output, leaders need to have input and collaborate with their team to reduce disengagement.  

We’ve pulled together six key tips you can start applying today to help motivate your staff and promote enthusiasm in the workplace. 

  1. Share the collective vision

It can be hard for your employees to feel enthusiastic about their work if they haven’t bought into your business’s vision and values.  

So, the first step in motivating your staff is to share your vision for what you’re looking to achieve as an organisation with them. Share your values with all the team and share why you started the business and what you stand for. 

If they support the vision, it helps to create a positive work culture as they’ll feel more motivated to give their all when they enter the office each day. After all, it all comes down to passion and purpose. 

  1. Make their goals achievable 

While sharing your vision is a fundamental first step in boosting your team’s enthusiasm, it isn’t the only tactic you should focus on. To really get the best from your team, you need to make sure you’re helping them move towards their own vision and personal development goals too.  

Through recognising and exploring your employee’s professional interests, you can support your team in achieving their goals and engage individuals in work that’s meaningful to them. Showing an interest in your staff is generally an effective way to empower your employees to grow and realise their potential.  

  1. Lead by example

If you want your team to remain motivated in the workplace, then you need to lead by example. Think about the qualities an ideal employee would have and make sure you’re walking the walk before you ask your team to follow in these footsteps.  

For example, if you expect your employees to be transparent about their mistakes and use them as learning opportunities, you should share your own missteps with your team in order to encourage openness.  

As a leader, you have a responsibility to your team - no matter the expectations, avoiding double standards will ultimately help to maintain company morale. Because nothing kills enthusiasm more than being assigned rules that aren’t upheld by everyone else.   

  1. Celebrate successes

Another effective way to drive peak performance amongst your team is celebrating each success. Whether an employee is going the extra mile or embodying one of your core values, make sure you acknowledge and reward these milestones. Even the smallest wins are worth celebrating.  

Show your team that you appreciate their achievements, big and small, and watch motivation levels increase. 

  1. Check in on them

When managing your team, it’s just as important to take care of them as it is to develop organisational prosperity and success. Regularly check in with each member to see how they’re coping and really listen to their needs.  

In cases where staff members are feeling overwhelmed with their targets or workload, it is essential to give them all the support they need. Without support, their stresses will override their motivation to do their best work and consequently, results will not be achieved.  

  1. Develop a team spirit

The working environment is where we spend most of our time. We’re there five days a week, working hard to create the life we desire. Building mutual support and respect through team activities helps facilitate teamwork whilst also making the workplace a more enjoyable experience. By developing a team spirit, staff members will feel encouraged to collaborate with one another and in turn feel a sense of community.  

With employees being the most important resource in every business, it's important that you prioritise your team's motivation. We know there are many tactics to consider when it comes to this, so why not speak to one of our UMi advisers who can discuss these motivational strategies in further detail. 

Next steps... 

  • Invest time towards recognising your team’s achievements this week and celebrate their wins 
  • Check in with your staff members to see how they’re coping with their current workload  
  • Use UMi's appraisal template to discuss each team members performance, one on one
  • If you want to discuss anything in this article, or have a business query you need the answer to, give an UMi advisor a call, for free, on 0330 1247 305
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