An Intro To Bidding With Tim Ward Webinar

On Thursday 1 October at 11am, UMi will be sitting down with Tim Ward of Bid and Research Development to discuss the tender market and the opportunities that exist within it.

Tim will be sharing his top advice on how companies can seize the opportunities that bidding can offer. 

Since establishing Bid and Research Development back in 2013, the company has secured £7bn worth of contracts with a 94% bidding average quality score. 

Big Research and Development is dedicated to helping businesses identify the right tender opportunities for the 3,500 UK tender portals. 

In Thursday's webinar, Tim will be talking us through the benefits of bidding, how businesses can get started with bidding as well as sharing some top tips on writing a tender submission. 

Sign up for Wednesday's webinar to help your business go further. 

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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