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On Thursday 4 June at 2pm, UMi will be joined by training and coaching expert, Matt Somers, to discuss the benefits of a 'leader-as-coach' culture and how you can implement it within your business.

Matt is the MD and Founder of Coaching Skills Training Ltd and is a leading voice on training and coaching in the UK. He has also published two books, Coaching at Work in 2006 and Coaching in a Week in 2016. 

Matt understands that people are working with their true potential locked away. He shows how coaching provides a simple yet elegant key to this lock and that releasing potential in this way transforms the performance of all organisations.

During Thursday's webinar, Matt will be discussing how leaders can become effective coaches, as well as the different strategies leaders can adopt in order to coach their employees remotely. 

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Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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