On Thursday 25 June UMi will be sitting down with Peter Ibbetson, Founder and Director of JournoLink, to discuss how, when working with journalists, business leaders can build confidence and structure to ensure they run the interview, rather than the journalist themselves.

Working with journalists to create a story or case study around your business is a great way to raise your brand awareness and connect with prospective customers. However, it's important when working with journalists that you, as an interviewee, ensure it is your story being told your way, not the journalist. 

Peter Ibbetson found himself facing the media in the last recession when he was representing one of the main high street banks for SMEs. 

He has extensive experience in managing interviews to get the right messages landed. As a founder of JournoLink he spends his days immersed in all the issues that face small businesses.  

In Thursday's webinar Peter will be taking us through the practical steps business leaders can take to ensure they are confident and capable of getting across their point when dealing with the press. 

Peter will also be sharing his advice on how businesses can find and connect with journalists, and how to know the right ones to work with. 

The webinar will take place at 11am on Thursday 25 June, sign up here

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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