In this webinar our guests Laura Weaving and Sarah Callender from Duo Global Consulting discuss how to lead in times of unexpected change. Take a look if you are a manager or leader looking to elevate your impact during this time.

There is currently a lot of discussion around how businesses are dealing with the change, how their leaders are stepping up, and how they are managing the productivity and wellbeing of their staff whilst remote working.

This is where Duo steps in. Duo have a proven track record working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them navigate unexpected change and maximise productivity in their workplaces - whether in the office or remotely.

This webinar will provide key insight for managers & leaders looking to elevate their impact during this time. Insight will range from how to motivate and inspire team members through times of change & adversity, through to practical tools to elevate productivity & performance when remote working.

Commenting on the current situation, Duo Managing Director, Laura Weaving said: ‘At Duo we believe that it’s so important to step forward as a leader during such unprecedented times, understanding your people and their behaviours is critical to helping your people navigate their way through the change and be resilient during challenging times’.


How to lead… Webinar Show Notes:

00.02.10: Why is it important for businesses to deal proactively with the change, and how can their leaders step up to the challenge?

00.05.23: What are the common challenges businesses are faced with, in the situation we find ourselves in at the moment?  

00.05.58: Dealing with change at a business level

00.07.05: Dealing with the change at a people level

00.08.00: Importance of communication

00.09.50: Dealing with difficult conversations

00.14.32: How businesses can manage productivity and staff wellbeing whilst working remotely

00.18.05: Investing in furloughed workers

00.20.20: What is ‘behavioural change’

00.22.29: Personality profiling vs behavioural profiling

00.25.10: Leading with purpose and prioritise

00.28.30: Thinking about how your team work best

00.30.33: What is a behavioural mapping tool?

00.32.15: How can we look after our wellbeing and maintain a work / life balance when our homes are in the workplace now?

00.34.00: Maintaining structure

00.40.15: How to manage resilience in the current climate

00.41.45: Getting managers and leaders on the same page

00.46.15: Take ownership on what you can do and don’t worry about what ifs

00.48.25: How does Duo Consulting focus and tailor its services specifically to the needs of businesses?

00.52.54: How to get in touch with Duo

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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