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Remote working can present a lot of challenges, both for employers and remote workers themselves. Back in May, we sat down with Ian Mastaglio, Senior Advisor at Acas, to hear his advice on managing remote workers. With government advice extending home working to March 2021 where possible, it's worth reviewing how things are going and any other strategies you can put in place to keep your employees engaged and head off any issues.

Ian is an experienced senior adviser and the manager of the training team working with employers and employee representatives in the North East of England.

Ian has over 20 years’ experience in employment relations. CIPD qualified, Ian has extensive knowledge of dealing with dispute resolution and good practice in the workplace.

Ian's varied responsibilities encompass helping organisations understand a wide range of workplace topics, resolving disputes, partnership working and taking the lead role on delivery of Acas' accredited Certificate in Workplace Mediation (CIWM).


Show notes:

00:45 – Introduction to our guest, Ian Mastaglio  

04.20 - What common challenges are being experienced amongst leaders when it comes to managing remote work? 

05:50 - How can managers effectively manage from a place of compassion while also maintaining staff performance as well? 

07.22 – How can leaders promote engagement?  

10.01 - In terms of health and wellbeing, what practices can people integrate into their homeworking routine?  

12.30 - What would you say people should look out for, what kinds of signs can people engage with in terms of finding out if someone is stressed or feeling overwhelmed? 

15.60 - How do leaders develop relationships?  

17.16 - How should leaders cultivate healthy habits when away from the working environment? 

19.07 - What could managers do to effectively maintain open communication between remote workers?  

21.48 - How do leaders know that staff are receptive to their communication style, to make sure that people are responsive 

23.10 – Suggestions for keeping furloughed employees engaged and feeling like they’re still part of the business. 

25.12 – Tackling misconceptions about homeworking.  

26.35 - If relationships have been damaged between employers and staff during this difficult time, how can they go about recovering the situation? 

29.13 - What role do trade unions have in this crisis process? 

 32.26 - How do leaders manage employees' conduct and performance when remote working?  

34.14 - Do you have any advice for top management, who are struggling to accept remote work?  

41.58 - How can managers and leaders during periods of remote work increase productivity within their teams?  

44.48 - What is the best way to record activity when homeworking?  

46.43 - If a staff member wants to work more flexibly after experiencing the benefits of remote work, is there a way to request this that isn't based on career responsibilities or an official flexible working request? 

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Article by Kate Buckle
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