Want to get the most out of your marketing strategy? We teamed up with Mags Bradshaw from Red Button Marketing to discuss the importance of marketing and how to plan, implement and track a marketing strategy that will get results. Watch the full webinar below.

We're joined by Margaret Bradshaw, founder and managing director of Red Button Marketing, who talks us through the importance of marketing for business success and the four main elements to developing a motivational and sustainable strategy. 

Margaret has 30 years experience in business. Starting her career in hotel management before moving into advertising sales, recruitment, Margaret spent 20 years as marketing manager for a professional services firm. 

She started Red Button Marketing in 2017 and was dedicated to offering strategic support to SME’s with a passion for growth.   

Red Button Marketing is all about training and empowering others by delivering a unique framework to marketing planning.

Margaret innovated a process that gives a business one clear visual solution to planning, implementing and tracking their marketing activity.

This framework is currently being developed into a web-based platform and is also available to business owners through a series of training workshops.

Marketing for Results show notes:

00.01.05: An introduction to Margaret Bradshaw and Red Button Marketing

00.02.30:  Why is marketing so important for business success?

00.24.48: Marketing in the magic ingredient that brings everything together

00.03.58: What are the four main elements in developing a motivational and sustainable marketing strategy?

00.07.41: What are the initial steps a business needs to take to apply those ideas?

00.09.00: Look at your clients and work out where they came from and where they currently are

00.10.00: Understand your clients

00.12.39: Think about who your prospects are

00.13.36: Consider your products and services

00.14.12: Three key areas of communication

00.15.20: The secret is the people in your team

00.16.10: What are the three main stapes a business should take to build a strategy for their existing customers?

00.17.30: If you need to start audience profiling and you’ve not done it before, how would you create the structure to do it properly?

00.19.09: How can businesses implement an effective marketing strategy overall?

00.24.45: Which promotional methods have the most return on investment?

00.27.09: Which analytics give a real insight into the performance of your marketing?

00.29.07: How can traditional product businesses start content marketing?

00.31.54; What are the biggest areas people overlook when building g their marketing strategy?

00.34.50: As a small business what rough proportion of revenue should I look to put towards marketing?

00.37.20: Within the current environment, how can we cut through the noise?

00.40.00: If a lot of my marketing was done face to face at an event, what would you do in the current market to keep current and potential customers engaged?

 00.42.23: What would be your best-hidden tools and tech to help with your marketing?

00.44.52: How does Red Button Marketing focus and tailor its services specifically to the needs of businesses?

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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