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SEO can be a bit of a headache, but it's really important to make sure your website is as optimised as possible to boost sales and build a great brand. On Friday 19 June, UMi will be chatting to Vince Moran, digital director at Precept.

Precept is a brand performance company that works with businesses to build brand identity and assist with digital marketing development. 

During Friday's webinar Vince will be talking us through what an SEO audit is, what it involves and giving some actionable tips to apply to your website. 

Vince will also be covering topics such as how much an SEO audit costs and how long one would take, as well as discussing the best tools to use and the potential challenges you might come across when carrying out an SEO audit. 

Taking the time to maximise your online presence can be an invaluable way to pick up sales and create a great presence for your brand, so don't miss out. 

Sign up for the webinar, which takes place Friday 19 June at 11am, here.

Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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