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A pioneering new tool has been launched to help employees open up and talk about their wellbeing as workplace communication becomes increasingly more important.

Experts at Everyday Juice Limited have developed a unique framework to place employee health and wellbeing at the heart of a post-Covid world.

 The “Conversation Canvas” moves away from rigid and formal performance management techniques to a more personal method which focuses on employee wellbeing and experience.

 The innovative Canvas has already been implemented within the Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities at Leicester’s De Montfort University.

Everyday Juice Limited is also in conversations with other large organisations about launching the framework.

The Conversation Canvas is not digital but paper-based and allows managers and employees to work through wellbeing questions and create a unique canvas of reflections, hopes, goals and aspirations.

Both managers and employees contribute to the A2-sized sheet of paper with pen or pencil, sketching a plan in words, drawings or symbols. Completing the Canvas by hand makes the process more memorable, engaging, and creates a sense of ownership.

Encouraging open and honest communication between colleagues using the New Economics Foundation’s ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ - connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give, sets a collaborative framework that individuals, a team and an organisation can collectively work towards.

Gary Butterfield, co-founder and executive director at Yorkshire-based Everyday Juice Limited, said the Conversation Canvas could transform colleague interactions.

“Traditional one-to-ones focus too much on performance management and not enough on the wellbeing and experience of employees, which is now more important than ever.

“Wellbeing must be at the heart of the employee experience and the Conversation Canvas opens up honest lines of communication, providing a framework for a better workplace culture.”

Whilst completing the Canvas, employees will have the opportunity to reflect on their connection to the organisation and its goals, the way that they interact and contribute to the their experience and that of their colleagues, and consider areas that they have developed.

Once completed, employees can set an achievable wellbeing goal and agree how it can be achieved through their own actions, and ways that the team and organisation can provide support.

Everyday Juice Limited recommends these conversations should be held every three to six months rather than annually like the traditional appraisal.

Gary added: “The Conversation Canvas is an evolving and on-going framework where the line manager is engaged in the process much more, giving them an equal stake in the employee’s success.”

Gary is excited to be working with colleagues at De Montfort University and said: “I’m delighted the faculty has launched the Conversation Canvas, and I can’t wait to see how we can develop and refine it over the next few months.”

Kate Gerrard, director of faculty operations, said: “We are launching the canvas as part of our work to embed employee wellbeing in all that we do in the Faculty and, in this case, linking it directly to the appraisal process.

“It will give managers and team members a really helpful tool to shape and direct a regular wellbeing conversation that works for both the individual and the organisation.

“It will give us a structured way to help us remember to check in with each other on our wellbeing throughout the year.”

To find out more about Everyday Juice Limited, please visit www.juicelimited.co.uk

Bethany Wright
Article by Bethany Wright
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