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Leading Podiatrist and businesswoman, Zoe Wilson, has launched a series of eco-friendly, natural footcare products.  The innovative range has been tried and tested by a number of UK-based Podiatrists, all of whom have given a solid ‘thumbs-up’ for the range.

Zoe has combined science, health and beauty to create a collection that appeals not just to Podiatrists, but also to spas and end-users. Made from essential oils, and free from synthetic, artificial ingredients, parabens or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Zoe has combined a unique blend of plant-based ingredients and beeswax to deliver a truly natural, eco-friendly foot care range to clients, worldwide. 

Despite the range launching just last week, Zoe has been inundated with interest from UK and international-based practitioners, beauty outlets and consumers, eager to sample her products.  

“The response has been mind-blowing!,” explained Zoe, who established her Kendal-based Z.W. Foot and Ankle, in 2017. “It has taken many months of trial and error and going ‘back to the drawing board’ to perfect the range, but I am delighted with the result. Our foot care range has been developed alongside leading skin experts using formulas that are ethically sourced. Only the purest plant oils, butters and essential oil blends have been selected.  To be able to offer the podiatry industry choice in providing a natural alternative to their skin and foot care regime is wonderful. In addition to our products being fully traceable and sustainable, they have been sourced from right here in the UK.”

The range comprises a number of unique remedies for dry cracked heels, dry skin, odour, aching joints and active feet on the move, with prices affordable for many, approximately £15 per product.  

With environmental considerations placed firmly front-and-centre from the outset, Zoe was determined to ensure that, not only her products, but every step of the process fulfilled her commitment to the green agenda. For example, all bottles are made from biopolymer, a sustainable plastic that is a by-product of making sugar, as opposed to being sourced from oil, as traditional plastic bottles are. This results in a lower greenhouse gas emission, and therefore, reduced carbon footprint. Zoe has also utilised recyclable packaging and aluminium.

“We are not just passionate about our products, but the packaging, process and ingredients – it’s a complete end-to-end development and commitment,” she said.  

Just last month, Zoe hailed ‘innovation’ as the reason for her buoyant 2020, during which she bucked the trend of the market and enjoyed phenomenal growth. A new product range will now elevate her profile as one of the most exciting young practitioners currently operating in the sector.

For more information on the products visit Z.W. Foot and Ankle.

Kate Buckle
Article by Kate Buckle
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