Building Your Brand: Does your online presence need a reboot?

Reputation is the most important asset a company possesses and has the power to make or break a business. BQ has teamed up with Jonathan Saunders, a senior account executive at Publicity Seekers, to bring you the advice and know-how you need to build your best brand. This week Jonathan discusses the importance of brand reputation. 

If you’re a business owner or work within a business that is looking to expand its influence and increase sales, it’s important to take note of your brand reputation.

Reputation is a culmination of everything that a potential or existing customer sees, hears and experiences around a business.

So, are you highly thought of in the market place?

It's easy to get caught up on producing great work, servicing clients to the enth degree and making sure you have a stream of repeat business. But what about the people who are yet to engage with you? What do they currently think of your brand? Do they even know you exist?

Think back to the last time you bought a product online. What did you do?

Did you go ahead and buy the first thing you saw, or did you do a little research? Read reviews online, looked them up on Google, researched what people were saying about it on Twitter and Facebook?

It’s what we all do. So, is it not reasonable to think that before a customer chooses to use your product or service, they would do the same?

Ten years ago, the marketing industry stated that a prospective customer must hear a brand’s message SEVEN times before they will buy into a product or service.

With so much noise these days from the many social media channels, blogger, vloggers as well as the traditional trade and business press, that number is now figured to be 16.

Reputation building means firstly working out who you want to increase brand awareness with, where do they get their information? LinkedIn, business press, trade journals etc and then continuously distributing interesting and engaging content on topics relevant to your audience.

Also helpful are sites such as Google Alerts and Hootsuite which allow you to set up alerts, which signal any time your brand name is mentioned online, allowing a swift response to any queries. You can set these for your competitors too.

At Publicity Seekers, we work with a brand’s reputation 24/7 and we know the importance of using these tools to ensure that we get your message in front of the correct audiences in a positive and engaging way.

We understand the important role a PR strategy has when building a brand’s reputation through online campaigns, which in turn helps to bring in higher sales, builds trust from stakeholders, loyalty from customers and gives a competitive edge to our clients over their competitors.

Whatever success means to you, you cannot hope to attain it if you are not consistently nurturing your brand’s reputation and ensuring the good work you’re doing is being seen and discussed by customers, potential customers and the media that influences them.

In summary, my top tips are:

  • Identify where your customers are and authentically interact with them. By knowing what platforms key demographics use, you are focussing yourself in the right place, not guessing or spreading yourself thinly.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of a good review. Sites like Facebook and Google allow users to review your business. Make sure you are encouraging satisfied clients to review the services you provide. Sometimes you just need to ask!
  • Plan, Plan, Plan. Having a clear communications and digital strategy is paramount to the success of your campaigns. Have a 12-month plan in place and know what you want to say, when you want to say it and who you want to say it to. Know what's going on in your customers' industries and make sure you are fully prepared.
  • Finally, use great content. Find out what your customers' issues are and talk about them, offer solutions, opinions and advice; whether that's through videos, blogs, articles, social media or all of the above.

Publicity Seekers is a team of trained journalists who understand all aspects of the media from social to newspapers; TV to radio; podcasts to YouTube; trade journals to business pages. The company has been successfully building client reputations for the past 12 years.

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Ashleigh Smith
Article by Ashleigh Smith
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